Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Buskers are Back

With most of the traditional city venues lost to the earthquakes, the 2012 World Buskers Festival  is based in Hagley Park. Here are some of the acts we liked:

David Ladderman and Pascal Ackermann perform in The Loons Circus Theatre production Clockwork Carniville.

Pascal Ackermann demonstrates his accordion skills.

'Elastic Woman' and actor-bat Skye Broberg.

Sophie Ewert in action.

The Twisty Twinz provide another highlight from Clockwork Carniville.

More aerial acrobatics from the Wau Wau Sisters.

ASAF 'N ROLL warms up.

Lindsay Benner charms a volunteer from her audience.

Mr Vita and Mia Mine of Las Cossas Nostras.

Christchurch's own Sport Suzie

Rubberband Boy

Australian daredevil Ernest the Magnifico tests the courage of audience volunteers with his overpowered flaming stunt car.

Ernest doesn't forget his fans.

 Festival favourites Funny Bones return for their third season.

Funny Bones Japanese half K-Bow.

English Funny Bone Crispy Chris.

Hula hoop magic from Amelia Cadwallader, alias Maple Staplegun.


  1. Yeah awesome pics especially the ones of Clockwork Carnival

    1. Thank you Saphira for your comment. I was in awe when i looked at those two. A very tricky an complicated routine and all meters above ground.