Sunday, September 9, 2012

Canterbury's Victorious Red Devils

Undeterred by earthquakes, Christchurch's Canterbury Red Devils last night concluded their season by taking the New Zealand Ice Hockey League Championship for the second time.

Based at Brougham Street's Alpine Ice Rink, the Devils are mainly local athletes with up to five international professionals.

Junior players wear the black uniform. 

Aspiring Red Devils start out as peewees. 

Christchurch player Chris Eaden, seen here in action against Queenstown's Southern Stampede, began his playing career as a peewee and rose through the Under 18s team to become one of the Red Devils' most accomplished local players. He hopes that the team's national championship achievements will provide opportunities for New Zealanders to become professional players

Young fans meet Red Devils international player Gabe Yeung of Minnesota.

Skates on display at the Alpine Rink.

The hockey puck just before things get hectic.
World record speed for a hockey puck is 191.5km/h.

Tickets for the game available here.

Assistant Captain Hamish Lewis prepares to suit up.

Team physiotherapist Ryan Hoetmer.

International player Valery Konev of Russia.

Cantabrian Jay Chadwick.

Stefan Speck about to take to the ice.

Hamish Lewis contemplates the upcoming game.

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Ready for an exciting game.

Canterbury Red Devils coach Anatoly Khorozov.

Red Devils support crew, with sponsors Jake Lane and Graham Tappin at right.

The Red Devils emerge.

On the ice ready for action.

The Red Devils' seriously equipped goalie.

Christchurch player Stefan Spijkerman in action.

Red Devils Captain Hayden Argyle under attack.

 Christchurch player Dale Harrop suffers an injury.

Team medic Ryan Hoetmer tends to the downed player.

Gabe Yeung vents his feelings at Queenstown's Southern Stampede players.

Enthusiastic Red Devils fans.

Posing for a victory shot.

Capping off a great season:
International player Maxim Fokin of Russia displays the Birgel Cup after the Canterbury Red Devils' Queenstown victory.

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