Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In the Night Kitchen: Kidd's Bakery, Cranford Street

Kidd's Bakery on Cranford Street has been a suburban treasure for more
than a quarter of a century. Within hours of the big quake of February 2011
they were back at work making sure their regular customers were catered for.

Martin Meehan and his son Chad have been earning awards for over a decade,
including Best NZ Bakery. with the latest Best Hot Crossed Buns 2013.  

With around 32 staff they start very early in the morning.
Bread baking starts at 1.30 a.m,  while mille feulle dough, the base for pies,
is created on the premises. From cupcakes cakes to wedding cakes and a myriad of
cakes in between they are a favorite stop for Christchurch residents and
visitors alike,

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