Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scenes From the Doomsday That Wasn't

It seems there's been a prediction circulating on the religious fringe that Wednesday 28 September was to be Christchurch's turn for a massive tsunami. As it happened, lots of spring sunshine, with quake-related demolition continuing at the pace we've grown used to.

Corner of Cashel & Durham Streets

Decabling in the demolition zone

Coming down, corner of Victoria and Peterborough Streets

Safety straps

End of the no cruising zone

Doomsday lunchtime

Sticker poem, Bridge of Remembrance barrier

It may have been built on a swamp, but -
We will never take pity on our beautiful garden city!

Not too far from the demolition activity, a trout in the Avon River.
Some say that they're especially plentiful this year.

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