Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roger Sutton - CERA a Poisoned Chalice?

The Roger Sutton who won the affection of quake-hit Christchurch back in February when he oversaw the restoration of power to damaged suburbs is seldom seen of late. Sadly the earthquake recovery CEO is no longer the unassuming guy who'd cycle to community events.  Unless they're part of the tightly managed script he's nowhere to be seen, as was the case on September 11 when Avonside residents turned out to protest CERA's failure to address their concerns.

They'd be delighted to see you at Kaiapoi this Sunday Roger, just as they'd love to have access to the data that your organisation currently privileges to their insurance companies. It's not too late, not yet.

Waimakariri Red/Green Zone rally
Sunday 25th September, 2pm, Band Rotunda on Charles Street, Kaiapoi

Update, Sunday 25th: 
Roger Sutton a no-show at Kaiapoi red zone protest.
No surprise.
A proven talent blighted by association with a cynical and incompetent politician.

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  1. I would suggest not to trust anything Sutton or Brownlee they have mislead everyone that have been red zones, and continue to uxe extortion, and bullying tactics to get what they want...
    This is the only reason why we are organizing the rally in Kaiapoi

    Waimakariri Red/Green Zone rallySunday 25th September, 2pm, Band Rotunda on Charles Street, Kaiapoi
    Band Rotunda on Charles Street, Kaiapoi
    *Full replacement polices should be honoured for those homes to be demolished in the Red Zone

    *Want transparency when it comes to why our homes have been zoned Green or Red?

    *Is Rateable Value a fair deal for your Red Zoned land? Do you want to be rezoned

    *How are you coping, this maybe one of the largest decisions you make in your life.

    *Improve availability of land in this area


    We want residents from Pines Beach, Kairaki beach, Brooklands, Christchurch, Spencerville..we want as many people there as possible please...tell your friends

    Email or call if you would like to support or assist with this rally..thank you
    Brent and Shirley Cairns - 327-0066 email -