Tuesday, November 8, 2011

147 Heritage Buildings Gone - Stop the Destruction

In the wake of the sudden clumsily handled demolition notice for Christchurch Cathedral, around 200 concerned Cantabrians gathered early on Monday afternoon to protest the ongoing demolition of the City's heritage buildings.

Marchers begin to gather at the heritage listed Harley building on Cambridge Terrace. 
Although it's currently empty it's hoped that the building will be saved.

Marchers travel along Cambridge Terrace.

A call for sensible priorities.

Along the route of the march, the onetime all-male preserve of the Canterbury Club undergoes post-quake repairs.

Green and pink.
Christchurch Green Party representative (and former Sneaky Feelings bass player) John Kelcher, along with retired Labour politician Dame Ann Hercus, among those gathered to hear speeches.

Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns addresses the gathering.

Green Party co-leaders Metiria Turei and Russell Norman.

Cup Day's tomorrow, but the hats are out for heritage.

Dame Ann Hercus back in action for the cause.


  1. Heritage buildings are not going to solve people's personal problems. People's homes and families come first. After you have provided for them you might then start to think about heritage buildings, the buildings that are most important are the ones people live in.

  2. No-one here is suggesting that protecting heritage buildings is a solution to the kind of things you mention. What we're concerned about is wanton destruction where there's no immediate threat to anyone's safety. When deals are made behind the scenes between Government and the insurance industry to allow insurers to renege on policies that homeowners paid for in good faith, it's a misleading distraction to claim that concern for heritage buildings somehow disadvantages private homeowners.