Friday, November 11, 2011

Show Day 2011 - Warm, Windy and a Welcome Break

On the carousel:
I wear my leather jacket like a great big hug,
Radiating charm, a living cloak of luck

World champion axeman Jason Wynyard warming up.

Preparing to unsheath.

The champ in action.

Real lumberjacks demonstrate the art of staying upright.

USA wins the pole climb by a good two lengths.

Not so much a victory lap as a victory plank.

Massed clydesdales, with a big rig of yesteryear bringing up the rear.

Horsepower to spare: The solo clydesdale sledge.

Shearing his way to second place.

The winner, Corriedale Senior Machine section.

Canterbury shearing's finest.

Political showgoers: Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns and Labour Leader Phil Goff.

Down with the kids.

Always superior, no matter what the circumstances.

The scream machine.

The big wheel in a high wind, look at those poplars bending.

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