Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Turning Point Has Arrived

The great work by the campaigners against Council CEO Tony Marryatt's payrise
delivers a stunning result as the Reverend Mike Coleman addresses a crowd estimated by police at around 4000 on the site of the former St Elmos Courts next to the City Council offices.

They're concerned Cantabrians . . . 

. . . and they've had enough!
(And not just because the soundman had been warming them up with Twisted Sister).

Telling it like it is: The C-words. 

Transparency's what Mayor Bob promised, opacity's what we got.

Signs of the public mood.

Orange zone residents advocate Darla Hutt.

Like post-quake housing, seating is scarce. Affordable housing advocate Hugh Pavletich appears to have found a metaphor for Christchurch's property shortage.

A guest speaker addresses the crowd as protest organiser Peter Lynch looks on.

An obliging primate fills in for missing Council CEO Tony Marryatt.

The Wizard of Christchurch makes a welcome appearance.

They work for us: City Council staff peer from the battlements.

Media scrutiny: A handy vantage point from right next door.

Mike Coleman in action.

Guest speaker, Mike Coleman, sound supremo Nick Lynch at the panel, and Peter Lynch.

Hugh Pavletich addresses the crowd on the Council's failure to deal with the housing crisis in post-quake Christchurch.

Mike Coleman with Christchurch firefighter Kelvin Hampton.

Kelvin Hampton describes the life-threatening earthquake rescue experiences 
that he and his firefighter colleagues have experienced. 

Council CEO Tony Marryatt's salary increase is more than firefighters like Kelvin would earn in a year.

The Wizard  promises to return to his once and future domain in the Square.

Where's Aaron?
A selection of Councillors who voted against CEO Marryatt's obscene salary increase mingle with the crowd, while the hapless Mayor Parker stooge Aaron Keown (in orange 'Parker' vest) lurks in the background. 

From left to right, Councillors Yani Johanson (in red shirt), Tim Carter, Helen Broughton, and Jimmy Chen.

The audience endorse the list of demands contained in Peter Lynch's letter.

Peter Lynch passes through the crowd on his way to deliver the letter to Council.

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