Sunday, November 27, 2011

Conspicuous Product Placement Christmas in the Park

Definitely not your average Pepsi Xmas in North Hagley Park.
With the Occupy Christchurch folks camped out about a kilometer-and-a-half away, Christchurch's vast green heart showed that it's big enough to accomodate everyone.

Kicking off the musical extravaganza.

More FM MCs Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick.

Santa declares the Christmas season open.

Mrs Christmas. Not a Coke drinker.

Little helper.

Real Sumner lifeguards entertain the crowd.

Massed entertainers featuring Jackie Clarke and Frankie Stevens wish the crowd a Coca-Cola Christmas.

Her first sighting of Santa Claus?

Kids 'n cops.

Faux royalty and funny hats were all the go in the sit-down VIP zone.

With whitebait it's a sandwich. You want bacon, it's a sammy.

Enjoying the show from a front porch in nearby Rolleston Avenue. 

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