Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Marryatt Monument - Never Again

City Council CEO Tony Marryatt returns from holiday to quake-rattled Christchurch and is forced by his desperate minders to face the media in order to defend his obscene salary increase. It's an experience he handles with the panache of a cockroach exposed to sunlight.
There's no need to prolong the pain, Tony. Sling your hook before February 1st and we'll even put up a statue.

Sign the petition - Tony Marryatt Should Refuse His 14.4% Payrise.


  1. Just love it - so well done. Thanks for the belly laugh among it all. How about signing my petition?

  2. Not only should Tony Marryatt resign now, so should the whole council, they are disfunctional. The lack of progress in CHCH is soul destroying.