Monday, March 19, 2012

Before the Earth Moved, Part 4

From the Price Waterhouse Building, Armagh Street.

Before: The vanished DTZ Building, Durham Street.

After: DTZ demolition, August 2011.

 Worcester Boulevard, late 1980s. The Avon Theatre at right, later the Holy Grail Sports Bar.

Boulevard Bakehouse.

Le Cafe, Arts Centre, Worcester Boulevard.

Arthur Barnett, Colombo Street, before it became the Bus Exchange.

TGI Friday's, later the Vic & Whale, Colombo Street.

Carlton Butchery, Victoria Street.

Noahs Hotel.

Cycle Traders, Manchester Street.

Exterior, Brooke Gifford Gallery, Manchester Street.

Edmonds Band Rotunda, Cambridge Terrace.

Warners Hotel, Cathedral Square.

Lost Lyttelton.


  1. Hi Budget Group Accommodation in Melbourne, are you ex pats living in Aussie?

  2. Hi Gudrun
    great to see the before the earth moved pix

    Though I would have to quibble on including cycle traders on the corner of Manchester and Armagh
    it was not an earthquake victim and was replaced by the Luney construction bldg some time ago

    and I think the one you have being the Brooke Gifford is I think round in Tuam Street
    (next to mckenzie & willis)
    Brooke Gifford was in Manchester opposite the old Smiths Bookshop site in a wooden bldg

    1. Hi Ian,
      nice to know you popped in.
      Now then. You are correct in saying Cycle Traders was not brought down by the quake. Those pre-quake pictures are more a reminder what Christchurch used to look like in its earlier days up to Sept 2010.
      As far as the Brooke goes i can not state unequivocally that it was or not. But I am surprised at myself for taking an image that would have nothing to do with it as it would have been the only gallery i visited that evening.
      Thanks again.