Saturday, April 14, 2012

Market Day in Lyttelton

Autumn Saturday in resilient post-quake Lyttelton.

Doggie parking, Lyttelton Farmers Market.

The floral end of the market.

Tomato specialties.

Pie cart, Farmers Market style.

 The ubiquitous spiced sea salt & smoked garlic.

Smoothie stall.

You want what?

Ethnic NZ & British bacon butties.

Amazing market musical entertainment. Definitely no karaoke here.

Violinist Yoomia Sim.

Volcano and Lava Bar stall. The old venues may have fallen victim to the quakes but the food is as great as ever.

Amiable Winchester Street resident.

Winchester Street quake survivor. Those wooden buildings.

Poplars & cones, Governors Bay road.

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