Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Edge of the Zone in Autumn

A Frederick Gurnsey lion on the Bridge of Remembrance, one of the few iconic structures to survive the central city earthquakes relatively unscathed.

Looking into the vanishing CBD red exclusion zone, with the doomed Forsyth Barr building at centre.

The heritage-listed facade of the former Clarendon Hotel hopefully survives its second brush with demolition as the Clarendon Tower comes down.

Across the street, Peter from Switzerland with his metal detector.

Two survivors, 88 and 90 Hereford Street.

Market days on Oxford Terrace.

The kind of stalls that once flourished in Cathedral Square find a home on the fringe of the CBD red zone.

African art stallholder Hassan from Kenya.

Milad from Egypt.

A slow start to the Worcester Boulevard market beside the damaged Arts Centre.

New Zealand watercolorist Pat's artwork on display.

Cashel Mall violinist.

Not an actual replica: The site of the former Avon River flour mill and something of its story.

Spacial architecture researcher Marguerite.

Marguerite and the bike used by volunteers who help with her project.

The white dots that participants use to mark the places where they decide that certain things should be in the rebuilt Christchurch.

Afternoon riverside coffee.

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