Friday, June 22, 2012

Edgeware Redux

Edgeware Village, St Albans, June 22: An early morning start for the opening of the rebuilt Edgeware SuperValue. 

Peter Timbs butchery.

KB's gluten free bakery operates from a shipping container.

BP Connect, Edgeware.

Edgeware village, Edgeware Road.

Greeting the kaumatua.

The newly risen supermarket on the site of its quake-condemned predecessor.

Birthday boy: A doubly special occasion for the young son of Edgeware SuperValue owner-operator Stephen Anderson.

Maori protocol in place for the opening ceremony.

Birthday boy and family. SuperValue owner-operator Stephen Anderson, third from right, with Ngai Tahu representatives.

The opening ceremony underway.

The kaumatua with his carved tokotoko unleashes the powers of prosperity and plenty.

Operations manager Sam.

Edgeware Supervalue lotto operator.

Bridget from produce.

Ophelia in the special section with visitors.

Jenny, Karen, Nadia, and so sorry Sir that we didn't catch your name tag.

Jo Nicholls-Parker in attendance.

Christchurch Central MP Nicky Wagner.

Nicky & Jo.

Village people: CERA CEO Roger Sutton, his boss, and SuperValue owner-operator Stephen Anderson.

Roger Sutton charm offensive.

Project architect Feng Zhan.

Gerry Brownlee doing more normal stuff.
Not usually a photo op guy.

Bob Parker rises to the occasion.

Finally a rebuild. Edgeware SuperValue owner-operator Stephen Anderson.

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