Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 United Voices

The organisers promised "no long speeches, no gimmicks, just united voices". While the issues of Government and insurance company inaction that brought people out to protest were nothing to celebrate, the mood of upbeat determination lit up the overcast afternoon. 

Gathering in North Hagley Park.

The march sets off along the Avon riverbank for Cranmer Square.

Not a sunny start to spring, but the mood is determined.

Gathering at Cranmer Square.

Olly Ohlson speaks for the the quake-damaged residents of Brooklands.

Deborah Crittenden describes how her insurance company continues to insist that her ruined Lyttelton home has merely suffered "cosmetic damage".

Selwyn resident Geoff Marks draws on his engineering skills to reveal the cynical practices employed in earthquake damage assessments, while reminding the gathering that the Canterbury earthquakes affect a wider area than Christchurch city.

Chris Fulton reaffirms his determination to stay in Christchurch, a city he travelled half way around the world to make his home.

Protest organiser Darla Hutt in her high visibility hat.

True to his word, Jason Hutt keeps his speech short and to the point.

An upbeat and positive ending that left people asking "When's the next one?"

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