Monday, December 19, 2011

Resisting the Dark Side of the 'Rebuild'

Christchurch's lower-income East has borne the brunt of the recent earthquakes. Under the emergency powers assumed by the Earthquake Recovery Authority there's been little provision made for community consultation as the rebuild gets under way. In Stanmore Road, Phillipstown, residents of what was one of the most vibrant inner suburbs took to the streets this afternoon to protest against a proposed liquor store which they believe will ruin their already damaged neighbourhood.

Residents take their message to the street. The quake-damaged wooden house in the left background is the site of the proposed store.

Newly elected Christchurch Central MP Nicky Wagner drops by to discuss the residents' concerns.

A man who doesn't give up easily: Protest organiser and longtime Phillipstown resident Wayne Hawker addresses the rally.

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