Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Shakes are Back

After a few weeks of relative quiet the earth moves again. The current swarm of quakes that began on Friday afternoon delivered the fourth largest since the event of September 2010.

Looking out from Redcliffs towards the epicentres, somewhere in Pegasus Bay.

Ground liquefaction in an already quake-abandoned property in New Brighton Road, Shirley.

Water erupts from the ground in New Brighton Road. The riverside stop bank in the background was put in place after the earlier quakes.

The normally crystal-clear Avon from the Armagh Street Bridge.

Mud eruptions on the shore of the Avon-Heathcote estuary revealed by the outgoing tide.

Quake-induced ripples in the Sumner Road.

Sign o' the times, Ferrymead.

No lights tonight: The Telecom 'Christmas tree' in Hagley Park.

Prelude to a shaky night. In the right-hand distance, the rapidly disappearing Hotel Grand Chancellor.

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