Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day in Sunny & Shaken Christchurch

Beautiful weather at North Brighton, but not many beachgoers.

Lifeguard Meg on the job.

Among the ruins in Linwood Avenue.

Pages Road, Aranui:
As his tenure as Dean of Christchurch Cathedral comes to an end, Peter Beck aims to represent the badly quake-hit Eastern suburbs as a City Councillor.

The Arts Centre seems to be relatively unscathed by the latest shakes.

A notable survivor:
The onetime DIC building, more recently home to Alice in Videoland and The Physics Room gallery.

High Street cafes show evidence of further damage from Friday's events.
The former Globe Cafe is at the right.

Interior of the Globe Cafe.

At the rear of the High Street shops.

Inner-city oasis behind High Street.

Recent damage to the temporarily patched-up building at the corner of Tuam and High Streets.

New damage in Tuam Street.

The former City Council building in Tuam Street, once the home of Millers department store.

Quake museum? Just around the corner from the recently reopened City Mall people peer into The Tap Room. Once a booming watering hole on the Oxford Terrace 'strip', it's been closed since the February quake. 

A glimpse into the City's damaged heart.
Until the February quake the empty plinth in the centre foreground was topped by the statue of Christchurch's 'founder', John Robert Godley.

Liquefaction in Bower Avenue.

The volunteer 'Christmas army' shovel silt in Parklands, one of the worst hit areas in Friday's quakes.

The army's handiwork: Silt awaiting collection in Dunair Drive, Parklands.

The Xmas spirit in Baker Street, Parklands.

The aftermath of a major eruption in Baker Street.

A former grass verge in Baker Street.

Flowers in a nearby garden continue to bloom amid the liquefaction.

Portaloo Santa in Locksley Avenue, Avonside.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these. High Street was my favourite part of town when we came to Christchurch. I will miss it but hope something of the spirit and ambience returns one day.
    Jane Pearson in Nelson