Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Takes a Different Route

With Santa's traditional parade route still inside the cordoned off CBD, Riccarton Road became Main Street Christchurch for the 65th anniversary event. 

The parade lines up in Wharenui Road, just around the corner from the main route.

A word from their sponsors. A big emphasis on construction and demolition this year.

Behind the scenes, the Christmas fairy receives her finishing touch.

Alice in Wonderland playing cards and others await their call.

Real clowns ready for action.

Solo scooter clown.

Backstage with the Chinese Taniwha.

No risk of Santa running out of dragons this year.

Cheerleaders by the truckload.

 The mighty sleigh under way.

Santa and his team of fairies.

The snow machine in action.

Bicycle business: Seriously vintage cycles.

Flower ladies, chickens, and a Santa impersonator.

BMX daredevils and trusting volunteers.

Real metal music?

Proudly representing Scotland and Scottishness.

The Falun Dafa marching band.

Peony drummers.

Taiwan comes to Christchurch

Not easy to round up at this time of year?
A few crowd-pleasing Crusaders, complete with cheer squad.

Darth Vader and associates.

Parasols and frocks - the Pinoy (Philippines) contingent. 

Smaller parasols and fan dancers - Christchurch Thais supporting Santa.

Representing Christchurch's Cambodian community.

Christchurch Koreans for Santa.

Daffodils from Holland?

The kimono kids win the hearts of the crowd.

TV Star Erin Simpson

Faces from the audience along Riccarton Road.

Elephant beauties - howdah you do.

The elves seem to get bigger every year.

Driving Mr Humpty.

Jack fells the beanstalk once again.

Little Pocahontas.

Equestrian piracy - a big hit with the crowd.

Afloat on Riccarton Road.

Staffordshire terrier cosplay.

Working dogs receive the acclaim of the crowd.

The Wizard of New Zealand makes a surprise appearance from inside the haunted house, renamed munted house in acknowledgement of the earthquakes.

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