Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Parklands: Swampland, a Silent Stadium, and Amber.

The Eastern suburb of Parklands from the nearby Travis Wetland. Much of Parklands is built on land reclaimed from the former Travis Swamp. The damage wrought by Friday's magnitude 6.0 quake was a cruel reminder of the suburb's fragile foundation, leading exasperated residents to call for their homes to be reclassified as beyond repair for insurance purposes.

Liquefaction in the ironically named Atlantis Street, Parklands.

The last straw for many: Ruined homes in nearby Cerbera Close.

A few blocks away in Bowhill Road, an unfortunately not so rare opportunity.

Grass appears through the quake-damaged paving at the entrance to QEII Stadium in Parklands.
Once Christchurch's premier athletic and outdoor concert venue, the stadium has been closed since the devastating quake of February 22nd.

All quiet at the adjoining aquatic centre.

Earthquake  damage to the main driveway and stadium structure.

Rengarenga lilies flourish untended in the stadium grounds.

 Despite the quakes it's still a great day: Amber, William and Dave take advantage of the Avon River stopbanks put in place to minimise flooding from future quakes.

 Amber ready to roll.

Amber's off.

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