Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Quiet Day Around Lyttelton

Christchurch's port fared badly in the devastating February earthquake. Last week's shakes fortunately caused little further damage. Although much of the town's picturesque architecture is gone there are some significant - mostly wooden - survivors, and a few new arrivals.

From the Lyttelton-Sumner Road.

Christmas tree, Lyttelton style.

Tin Palace, Oxford Street.

Lyttel Piko Organic & Wholefoods, London Street.

Satchmo Cafe, London Street.

Taped-up letterbox, St Davids Street.

On the site of the former Volcano Restaurant, corner of Canterbury and London Streets.

Over the road from the Lyttelton Library.

Mini-dinosaur, corner of Oxford and London Streets.

Backyard bonanza.

Heart of Lyttelton: Where houses used to be.

At the Christchurch end of the road tunnel, architect Peter Beaven's 1964 Tunnel Administration Building. Occupied by a tech firm at the time of the February 22nd earthquake, it's future seems uncertain.

Glasshouses in the nearby Horotane Valley. Another operation supposedly stalled by insurance payout  woes.

Horotane Valley market garden. Despite the shakes, things keep growing.

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