Monday, December 19, 2011

Occupy Christchurch: At Home in Hagley Park

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has grown a mite twitchy of late over the Occupy Christchurch movement's continuing presence in Hagley Park. If it were within his power, which it isn't, he'd have those pesky 99 percenters out tomorrow. Just to reinforce where he stands on the issues of inequality that drive the protest, Parker has been fulsome in his praise for the obscene salary increase of his secretive Council CEO Tony Marryatt , whose commitment to Christchurch is such that he commutes from his Hamilton home while drawing a bigger salary than the Australian Prime Minister.

The Mayoral nose may be out of joint, but the mood in the park is relaxed.

Like most Cantabrians the occupy folks have work and study commitments, leaving a minimal crew to mind the weekday camp.

Treading lightly on the park: Low-impact self-sufficiency.

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